What our customers say

The Safety head of a leading power utility in India

We are a leading power utility & have several substations. We were using 6mm to 15mm Rubber Mats. Invariably, we used to be Concerned with Safety of our workforce especially when spot maintainence & repairs were carried out by our engineers. We could manage it with insulation mat without losing time, as maintainence can be carried out with the mats in position. The point to note is that even in the rare case of a malfunction of Panels or Electrcial System at least the possibility of shock from leakage current is nullified, given that mats have been fixed on the ground. We have opted for fixed mats.

A Leading Consultant

The team at Electromat has demonstrated that there mats are superior to the traditional Rubber Mats & We are pround to specify the same in our future projects.