Why  old rubber mat specification IS- 5424:1969  was  discarded

This specification was formulated way back in 1969 and specified rubber as the product for electrical safety. In 2006, after due deliberations by the Bereau of Indian Standards, it was felt that in todays environment, the quality and safety provided by a rubber based product was inadequate and therefore the standard itself was withdrawn. It was not possible to update or improve this old standard as definition and standard of safety had changed over the past few decades.

Some basic tests were not part of this standard-

Fire Retardant Test

Ageing and Chemical Test

Rubber mats used to be supplied in 6mm, 12mm and 20mm. Thease mats were like gas cylinders, waiting to promote any kind of fire hazard.

In the new standard is IS 15652 : 2006 the product specified is Elastomer with a very high fire safety standard. Even though definition of Elastomer is very large but essentially it means any product which possesses elastic properties. Rubber possesses this quality but with time, it starts losing this basic property and also does not meet the required parameters of tensile and electrical properties.

As per the new standard the products will have a service life of 10-15 years, without any detoriation in insulation and mechanical properties.